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Stop Dreaming & Start Creating.


Artists are often fooled into believing many false and damaging narratives. They’re told their hobby doesn’t matter or isn’t worth the time and money it will require. They’re made to believe they don’t have talent or aren’t “good enough.” They’re ruled by fear rather than the excitement that fueled them as a child chasing their dream.


This book dismantles those false beliefs and gives readers actual tools to make their hopes of a creative life start happening. Made for all ages and levels, this book gives the advice we’re often left desiring after we take lessons or courses. It tackles the real questions of how to overcome fear, jealousy, and our own self-doubt.


Written from first-hand experience, this book also talks about issues from real examples using the author’s own life. Nothing is made up, glamourized, or talked about hypothetically. This book was created from actual experiences, so readers don’t have to feel alone or ashamed. The author, too, came from a place of fear and insecurity, but overcame it to achieve a successful creative life. You can too.


The book shares examples throughout chapters and ends with personal tips and actual tasks, so readers don’t just read information, they use it immediately to grow through questions and activities they complete after every chapter.


Free yourself from the things that hold you back. Get ready to learn, create, feel, and expand as you journey through this book.


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Dare to Begin

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