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"Jess Novak: CNY's blues rock wonder woman."

- TheNewsHouse

"It takes a powerful songwriter to create something that makes you both love them and damn them for making you feel feelings you didn’t feel like feeling...(Novak) accomplishes that hefty feat."

 - The Fuze Magazine

"The woman on the cover of this album is a fighter...

Standing Now is about resilience. 

...The Jess Novak Band is a beast and Standing Now is an EP that will have you hungry for more. Six songs just isn’t enough when it’s this good.

Resilience, empowerment, these are the characteristics of one who might be referred to as formidable.  

Do NOT underestimate Jess Novak.

Because she’ll knock you down."

– John Tierney

Jess Novak is a triple threat singer, songwriter, musician who takes no prisoners. With a fiddle on fire, powerful vocals and a fierce band behind her, this pop, rock, soul-pumped group from Syracuse, New York brings passion to every performance. Known for their energy, superb musicianship, engaging songwriting and ability to win any crowd, this is a band on the rise. Having touched audiences across the country – from Burlington, VT to Key West, FL to San Diego, CA – and with Novak playing more than 250 dates annually, the sound gets tighter with each show.


Jess Novak (violin, guitar, vocals, piano, percussion, looping) works with Byron Cage (Tommy Castro, Joe Louis Walker, Otis Taylor) on drums; Anthony Saturno (Atkins Riot) on electric guitar, Jabare Mckinstry (Chris Ames Band) on bass and Gavin George (Strange to Look At, BSG) on drums to create a powerhouse sound, often with Nick Fields on trumpet. 

"Jess is the kind of singer who knows how to put herself in any situation wonderfully by fitting her voice into any kind of rhythm without any fear of making mistakes - because here we are talking about a true diva who has the wisdom of how to impose herself, with all class and style, and leave a very strong her signature in her compositions."

 - Roadie Music


Novak's work is being played on radio stations worldwide (WTYT 960, D.C. Coast to Coast, Women of Substance Radio, IndieOutbreak) and written about at home and across the ocean. Novak has played such prestigious rooms as The Cutting Room (NYC), The Saint (Asbury Park) and Nectar's (Burlington, VT), opened the 23rd Annual Chenango Blues Festival (with headliner, Ronnie Earl) and performed with groups and artists including Devon Allman, Tas Cru, Jimmy Hall, Ghost Town Blues Band and members of Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band. 


Discography: Novak released her solo debut album, Bad Habit, in December 2013. Her group, The Golden Novak Band, released their self-titled debut album in August 2014 and their follow-up, Rodeo, was released in October 2015. The Jess Novak Band released Inches from the Sun on November 5, 2016 and the album won a Syracuse Area Music Award for Best Pop in March 2017. JNB released a live album (Jess Novak Band Live at the Nelson Odeon) in June 2017 and Fireworks & Fairytales in November 2017. On December 31, 2018, Novak released Fear is the Cage. Love is the Key. a double-album featuring members of JNB. In October of 2019, Novak released Rise with Ben Wayne. The four-song EP features tracks recorded in Nashville, TN with some of the best in the business, including guitarist Jeff King, producer Bill Warner and songwriter Kirsti Manna. The Jess Novak Band released Standing Now in September 2020 and the album went on to win "Best Pop" at the Syracuse Area Music Awards in March 2021. The band released their follow up, Novak's tenth original album, "A Thousand Lives" in November 2021 and Novak released her electronic EP, "Bad Bitch" in summer 2022. 

Novak has played with projects spanning Ladies Night at the Palace (an all-women show) to Vinyl Albums Live to BeatleCuse, providing a strong musical background, easily adaptable to any situation or genre. She was nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Best of Syracuse competition four times and won the award in 2018. The Jess Novak Band was named Artist of the Year by Radio Crystal Blue in 2017. She placed third in the 2016 Country Showdown sponsored by WOLF 92.1FM. Her song "After All" was a runner-up in the 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest hosted by the Songwriters' Association of Washington in 2020. She created and presented the F.I.R.E. Festival (females inspire, rock, empower) for the first time in October 2022 as a way to spotlight female artists, musicians and business owners. 

​Novak was also the cover girl for Syracuse Woman Magazine in September 2016. See it all here.

Novak won the Indigo Productions Songwriter Series in Syracuse for her song "Rat a Tat" in July 2018. 

Check out Fret Zealot to learn songs from Novak and JNB.

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"Written and performed with the grace and skill of a seasoned veteran, Bad Habit is one you’ll want to get into."

"There are those rare moments in music when the dynamics of sight and sound converge into a near-perfect storm. Then it rains down talent and a connection of musical and personal chemistry create something that is irresistible....Their music is a blissful shot of Americana blues-based soul music with...Novak writing material that is reminiscent of the kind of creativity and inspiration that came out of Stax or Muscle Shoals in their prime.…In the earlier days of American music, one of the major labels would have signed this band up for a lucrative deal faster than you could say Zephyr, Fairport Convention and Pentangle."

- Terry Roland, No Depression 


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Bad Habit, The Golden Novak Band, Rodeo, Inches From the Sun, Live at Nelson Odeon, Fireworks & Fairytales, Fear is the Cage. Love is the Key., Rise, Standing Now, A Thousand Lives and Bad Bitch are all available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.    


Jess Novak is an ASCAP artist and represents Fishman. She also works with Sound Cosmetics and BlueBassoon Handmade Jewelry. Anthony Saturno is part of the PRS Guitars Pulse Artist Program.

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