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bad words & big voices.


This musical duo/husband and wife team blends their combination of styles and talents to hit a piece of everything. With a repertoire spanning The Grateful Dead to Chris Stapleton to TLC to Sublime - paired with dozens of original songs from each - this team has something for everyone. 

Ben Wayne's room-stopping voice is enough to grab the attention of any crowd. That along with his incredibly catchy songwriting and deft acoustic guitar skills and he's a powerful one-man show. Mixed with Jess Novak's smooth violin work, equally accomplished songwriting and similarly strong voice, and this is a team of equals. 


Wayne and Novak don't just sing into the mic, they sing across it, often sharing songs for and about each other. Their intimacy adds something stand-alone to the show - one that's infectious with sincerity.

Novak and Wayne released Rise on November 10, 2019 and Sonrise on November 29, 2023.

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Jess Novak and Ben Wayne

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